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 Testimonials for Acupuncture and TCM 

‘Whilst going through an extremely difficult time in my life suffering a miscarriage, facing the reality of not being able to conceive naturally and wanting to undergo IVF treatment I sought support in acupuncture. Vilija’s was able to travel to my home which made me feel comfortable & able to relax after treatment. She took time to understand my deepest thoughts & worries. She provided acupuncture treatment throughout my IVF cycles with genuine care & compassion. In between cycles we worked through fears & anxieties using hypnosis & relaxation techniques which was a huge emotional support.

The treatment I received from Vilija was exceptional. I can not thank her enough for all the help & guidance she has given me over the last few years. I am now expecting a baby boy in a few weeks & I don’t think I would be in this position without her kindness. ‘ Katie, Portslade


‘I couldn’t recommend Vilija’s treatment enough. After suffering dilapidating periodic bouts of sciatica from a herniated disc the last four years and feeling fed up of being sent away with painkillers I decided to try an alternative treatment. I tried a course of acupuncture including massage and noticed immediate effects, the pain eased significantly, lifting my mood and feeling a lot happier generally. I’m relieved to say I am completely pain-free and feel like a new person, still with a couple of sessions left of the course. The treatment has been truly life changing.

Beyond Vilija’s expertise and extensive knowledge she is a wonderful person, caring, and makes you feel calm and at ease, she takes the time to really understand pain points, adequately assessing the right treatment plan”. Anabelle, Brighton


‘I have been having acupuncture at the Lotus Clinic for few years. I usually attend several sessions when I have physical symptoms or when
testimonials flying acupuncture hovefeeling stressed and with low energy levels. Vilija is compassionate and highly skilled practitioner, with the ability to listen and apply that insight to her acupuncture treatment. I tend to have bad reaction to prescription medication, and always try to get better with holistic treatments, my favorite being acupuncture. I enjoy the treatments and return for top-up sessions, which make me feel energised and able to face any challenges, without the risk of any side-effects.’ Viki, Brighton

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“Hey Vilija how are you? I just wanna thank you, for your help and support! From the day I have seen you I actually did not gamble at all and I truly believe I will not go back to gambling! So I wanna thank you again, because without your help and support I would not be able to change my life for the best, so God bless you 🙂 “. Tom, Brighton
‘Prior to trying this type of therapy, I was skeptical about it and felt uncomfortable about the process. This was due to my lack of information about how the treatment works – I was under the impression that I will be put in trance and lose control of my actions and thoughts. I was wrong!
Vilija is very approachable and friendly, after I explained that I am not sure if this therapy is for me, she explained the process and put me at ease. We had a relaxing conversation, I managed to immerse in the process and actually enjoyed the session. Another surprise was that after only couple of sessions, I managed to overcome and remove various mental blockages that were preventing me from enjoying life and fulfilling my potential. I have my confidence again and am able to enjoy life to the full. I never thought that this can help me so effectively and in a very short time. So, I recommend Vilija and her gentle, yet highly effective approach. Hypnotherapy is a truly fascinating experience!’
Chris, Portslade

“Thank you thank you thank you Vilija for the stop smoking sessions I had with you. I cannot express how good, strong and free I now feel. The only way is up! I’m on the high road to health and happiness. I also have had the pleasure of passing on your details to many friends that will most certainly benefit from your extensive highly recommended services for addictions in all areas. You are truly a magical person. Big hug.” Julia, Brighton


Contact 07718 535549 or email info@acupunctureinhove.org.uk

I work at About Balance, 22, Gloucester place, Brighton, BN1 4AA, using calm and private treatment rooms. My clients come from Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Portslade, and all over East and West Sussex. Home visits also possible.